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Monday, October 18, 2010

Ex parte document to the "pastor" of First Baptist of Prescott

I don't know if there's really any legal "confidentiality privilege" for a minister. But certainly when you write to a religious leader of a church to warn him about one of his sheep in sin, you expect the correspondence won't be public record but kept within the church. But even though no one compelled "pastor" Chris Inman of First Bapist Church of Prescott to share my letter in court, he did.

As before, I've thought (and prayed) long and hard about publishing these ex parte documents. At first I wasn't going to post them because they were private correspondence from me to others. But 1) since they're in the public record (kinda sorta—they're in the physical court file in Prescott, Arizona, even though they don't appear in the electronically scanned record of the same file for the appeal in Superior Court) UPDATE: The court file has been scanned into the public record. It's hard to know if it's always been there, since it's hard to find in the case file, or if it was put in there after this lawsuit started. I'm suspicious because, when I inspected the physical file, I was told that judge's personal notes were not viewable. Yet, they now appear in the electronic file. (I made copies.) and 2) since the private parties to whom I wrote chose to disclose them for court, well, I figure I'm not betraying any confidences that they didn't.

So here is a private letter supplied by the Plaintiff, Melody Bodine (now Melody Thomas-Morgan) which either Judge Hamm or Judge Markham solicited and unlawfully ordered slipped into the court file. (If she can be trusted, in a Response to a Motion, the former Mrs. Bodine claims the court "asked" her for these documents.) Judge Hamm mentioned this letter at trial and sentencing. It was never entered into evidence, making it hearsay. I was never given an opportunity to formally object to this letter, although I informally told Judge Hamm at trial that I had not received any notice of this letter.

Tampering with a court file is criminal. It undermines the integrity of our entire judicial process. It's cheating. How do any of you know the same isn't being done to you in Prescott?

You can inspect the court file yourself too - - ask to inspect the file for case 20081217J at the Prescott Consolidated Court. You will not find this document in the electronic scanned version of the case at appeal in Superior Court! CV 20091145

Background: Melody Bodine accused me of Harassment and obtained a temporary injunction against me. As I hadn't had any contact with Mrs. Bodine since when she first filed papers against her husband, I fought the Injunction in court.

There wasn't any evidence to use against me, so they made it up. This is a private, heartfelt, spiritual letter I had sent to a Mr. Chris Inman of First Baptist Church in Prescott. As you can see, this letter was not sent to Melody Bodine and therefore, is not an act directed at her. (Which is part of the definition of harassment.) Nevertheless, Judge Hamm cited this as an act of harassment against Mrs. Bodine.

As with other letters I've written to other (ostensible) Christians who haven't met me, I included a head shot of me after I was assaulted doing evangelical work to establish some commonality in the faith.

Pretty scary, isn't it? Judge Hamm thought so. Click on the photo for the story.

Punched in the face by an angry Mormon gal.May 7, 2008

Hello Mr. Inman:

Please forgive the formality of sending this letter via Certified Mail, Return Receipt. This letter is 99% spiritual and only 1% secular. But, as I hear you all (church leadership) are very concerned about being sued, I thought you would want this. This letter will serve to put you on notice about a serious safety issue within your corporation concerning potential loss of life. (Literal life, as opposed to spiritual life.) Should there be loss of life, you may find yourselves the target of numerous lawsuits and I don't want any blood on my hands. More on that later. Now to the spiritual.

Disclosure: Not to start off on the wrong foot, but for the sake of conscience (mine), in writing you I am not condoning the Incorporated Church, rule by monarchal bishop (a.k.a. "Pastor,") or young men in authority. (At 52 myself, the latter includes me. See 1 Peter 5:1 ("elders") contrasted with v 5 ("young men"). See also 1 Kings 14:21, where Rehoboam and his friends are called "young" at 40.] But since you are the point man in this matter, I necessarily write you.

I'll introduce myself shortly. I'm writing about the Bodine family. I've been horrified by what I've seen, and maybe you can help me understand what's going on or correct any misunderstandings I may have. As I'm trying to keep what portends to be a long letter short, I don't have time to sugarcoat. Please do not confuse conciseness with curtness.

To get to the heart of the matter, did you watch Congress meet in special session on a Sunday night years ago to discuss Terry Schiavo? (C-SPAN, March, 2005) I was horrified to see two distinct groups of people in the battle. Those (mostly Conservatives) who were on the side of life. They were urgently trying to move things along to pass a law to save Mrs. Schiavo as she was being starved to death. Then there were the Liberals, those on the Left, as Jesus would say. They were like the Pharisees, concerned more with the law even if it meant her death.

I've noticed the same dichotomy with those touching the Bodine family. There are those who are on the side of life and those on the side of sin and death. I would not wish this on anyone, but one of the many reasons Jesus came was "so that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed." (Luke 2:35) It seems the Bodine's lot is similar. Many hearts are being revealed in this crucible of testing and I'm grieved by what I'm seeing.

I'm getting ahead of myself, but how is it that most of the stalwart friends of the Bodine family believe that Melody is in deep, unconfessed unrepentant sin and have tried to rebuke her, but your church is supporting her? Even Josh (Bodine) has observed that "MANY of our family friends" see Melody as the protagonist. (From an email from Josh to me.) Chris, how can it be that many of the long time friends see Melody in sin, but your fellowship does not? Your fellowship is aiding and abetting her? She thinks your financial support is "miraculous." I think that's blasphemous. What's wrong with this picture? We are clearly not united in Christ here. Why do you think that is? Are you at all concerned about this dichotomy? These are mutually exclusive positions. We can't both be in God's will as we pray for mutually exclusive outcomes. At least one of us must be in sin.

Now, by way of introduction, my name is Mike Palmer. I've been a friend of, and known the Bodine family for about 14 years. (Greg, Melody and all the children.) I have overnighted with them numerous times, starting when Sarah was 8 at their home in Glendale. I last stayed with the entire family at their home in Humboldt about a year before they moved to Prescott, and was such a part of the family that Diane actually came out one evening with a mud mask on. It was my last visit there when Greg first asked me to pray for him and Melody, as they were beginning to have marital problems.

I claim to be a Christian. Further, one of a few (men) "given to be an evangelist," per Ephesians 4:11. I primarily witness to the Mormon people in front of their temple in Mesa, Arizona. But as you know from the Bible and life experience, anyone can claim to be a Christian. ("'Not everyone who says to Me, "Lord, Lord!" will enter the kingdom of heaven.'" Matthew 7:21) Since Paul warned us that savage wolves would target the flock (Acts 20:29), the probability is high that you've seen your share of men who claimed to be Christians but are not, as also I have seen during my ministry. So please test me as you see fit. In the meantime, as evidence of my faith, I offer the photo above, showing I've shed a little blood for Christ. (Very little. Nothing like the Apostle Paul or the prophets of old who were martyred.) A punch to my eye by an angry Mormon gal on Christmas Eve 2005 has left me with permanent vision loss in my dominant eye, even as I struggle to write this.

Still, since we are commanded "do NOT believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God... " (1 John 4:1), you should not believe I am a Christian just because I say so. Likewise, I will not assume you are a Christian because you say so. Rather, "wisdom is proved right by her actions." (Matthew 11:19) The true measure of love for God is obedience ("If you love Me, you WILL obey what I command." John 14:15). But "let us not love with words or tongue." That's too easy. Rather, let us love "with actions, and in truth." (1 John 3:18) I've noticed that's what separates the wheat from the tares.

Even though I'm a man of no repute, unlike you, I have a history with the Bodines that gives me a unique perspective. Before you arrived on scene, everyone, believers and unbelievers alike, thought the Bodines were the perfect Christian family. And Melody the perfect Christian wife. I used to joke with Melody, as a single man, asking if she had a sister. (The implication being, if I wanted to be married, it would be to someone like her.) In fact, even though I think I'm called to be single and seven children would be quite a sacrifice, I often thought that if Greg died prematurely, I would offer myself to Melody (if she would have me) per Deuteronomy 25:5. But no longer. Jesus said that even the angels couldn't always tell the wheat from the tares and we know from the parable of the seed sower, some seed starts to grow but dies later, choked out by weeds. These people did not remain with Christ, and John says they never belonged to us in the first place. (1 John 2:19)

About a year and a half ago, Melody snapped. Whether spiritual, physiological, mental, demonic or all of the above, she is now a different woman. To paraphrase Jesus, "we never knew her." She has spurned all her friends who have tried to rebuke her with Scripture (and there have been many) after she first took Greg to court. (I assume you've read xxxxx's letter to you all? Mr. xxxxxx was an elder in our house church.)

FYI, Melody has always been drastically affected by hormones. When she was pregnant with the children, she was bedridden with morning sickness most of the time. While mid-40's is a little early for menopause, the most gracious explanation for her sinful waywardness is that it's a medical condition, a result of some type of "chemical imbalance." (Although personally, I think the Holy Spirit can manifest obedience in spite of medical conditions.)

Now, I have not taken sides in this matter except, like the Levites after Moses came down from the mountain, to be on the Lord's side. Regardless of who needs to be gored in the process. (Exodus 36:27) My desire is God's desire - that we "first be reconciled before presenting our offering." (Paraphrasing Jesus in Matthew 5:24.) To see the Bodine family reunited and forgiveness abound. Is that your desire too?

Admittedly, I sound like I am on Greg's side in this letter, but that's simply because he is not the protagonist in dissolving the marriage, nor can he stop Melody from separating from him. (Melody has stated in court records that she does NOT want to be reconciled.) But I have been very careful to try to stay objective, fact checking the raw data for myself, attending all the trials and have even contacted those who are "supporting" Melody (as here, with you?), to see if I'm in error. To make sure I'm not on the side of sin.

Please know I am writing this without the knowledge or consent of Greg (or Melody). I'm writing this of my own volition. (Of course, I ascribe writing this difficult letter to the Spirit moving me.)

In addition to my overarching concern about how "Christians" are polarizing themselves on opposite sides in this spiritual battle (and therefore, some must be in sin), I'm also writing to encourage you. And yes—even as Jesus did in His letters to most of the churches, not to mention the bulk of Scripture—to chastise you. I hope you'll receive this as a man of God as Psalm 141:5 says: "Let a righteous man strike me--it is a kindness; let him rebuke me--it is oil on my head. My head will not refuse it." I trust that if I am a righteous man speaking truth, and if you are a righteous man, you will comport yourself with Scripture and act righteously.

So, to encourage, I'm glad that - you okay, I'll say it: you finally met with Greg a few weeks ago. (He had asked me to pray for that meeting.) I hope you will meet with him again soon one on one - so to get to know his heart, to hear his side of the story and to check the data for yourself without a 3rd party potentially influencing you.

Now I've got to take away the "Atta boy." I hope I'm not being quick to judge, but how is it you took you so long to meet with Greg but found the time to show up for Melody Thursday morning at the trial? Trying to be gracious, Greg told me you broke your foot and have been busy with P.T. Not to get into a disciple-like discussion of "who is the greatest," I've been able to make the 3 hour round trip drive to pray with Greg numerous times during this spiritual battle, and that with a bad eye that makes driving difficult and unpleasant. Are there sheep in your fellowship in more dire straights than Greg and Melody who require your attention? Even if there are, I don't understand why you can't give Greg equal time, even with a bad foot. He is only a few minutes away and you know he would gladly come to you if you are unable to come to him.

While I'm glad you finally met with Greg, I'm horrified over what came out. If the report I heard is correct, you were hesitant to meet him alone because you all were worried that Greg would sue the church?

First, I'm horrified that you don't know Greg at all nor have you apparently made any effort to know his heart in this very serious matter of life and death. Greg is trying to be a man of God, and while we all sin, he has confessed his sins and been very consistent in trying to obey God's commands, even if it puts him in severe debt or even if it cost him the custody of his children. (The infamous CD appeal to the church.) Don't you know the Scripture forbids Christians to take each other to court? As Paul said, "I say this to shame you. Is it possible that there is nobody among you wise enough to judge a dispute between believers?" Not even you, Chris?

Given this Scriptural prohibition against believers going to law before unbelievers, have you taken Melody to task for violating this command? You do know she's been the protagonist in this matter, taking her husband to court and making a mockery of Christianity before unbelievers? No wonder the world has such a bad view of Christianity. You support her in this?

Further, if you thought Greg was going to sue you, and presuming you know the Scriptural prohibition, why did no Godly men from among you go to Greg to learn his intentions and if evil, to warn him it would be sin?

This is horrible. Do you know Greg used to teach in your fellowship? Doesn't anyone vet anyone there? I mean, if he's such a bad guy, he never should have been allowed to teach! If there's no vetting of leadership there, aren't you at all worried about wolves in sheep's clothing invading and devouring your flock? (Acts 20:29) Where are the good shepherds with their staffs? But I digress.

Here's an interesting Scriptural twist: Even if you all decide that Greg is the one in unrepentant sin and if you excommunicate him, branding him an "unbeliever," God says "if a woman has a husband who is not a believer and he is willing to live with her, she must NOT divorce him."

Greg has made it clear from the start that he has ALWAYS wanted to be reconciled to his wife and would live with her. He prays this constantly. (He even moved back into their original "dream house" at great financial sacrifice to save it, should his wife reunite with him.) He has consistently acted in good faith on this. He did not instigate the (so-called "emergency") legal action to separate. Melody did. Despite initially presenting that she would be reconciled, Melody eventually admitted in court records that she does NOT want to be reconciled.

But Paul says that the Lord Himself gives the command "A wife MUST NOT separate from her husband." (1 Corinthians 7:10)

Then he allows for sinful behavior. "But if she does [and that would be sin, but, as with Moses giving instructions for hard hearts about divorce], she must remain unmarried or BE RECONCILED to her husband."

While you might argue God "allows" a woman to separate from her husband, this is NOT what Melody is doing. Biblical separation is not the same as usurping headship from your husband, becoming in effect, your own head. It is not the same as a woman raising the children, a responsibility Ephesians 6:4 appoints to fathers. (Melody stated in court that she did NOT want the children raised with Greg's "religious" values. Again, Ephesians 6:4 says that is the father's right, not hers.) It is not the same as expecting your husband to pay your expenses while you are in sin, acting contrary to God's commands. That is perverse.

Logically then, you all should be telling her she is in sin for separating from her husband even if you deem him an unbeliever! And you all should be encouraging her to be reconciled "... forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you." (Ephesians 4:32) Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not hearing that anyone of you are doing that. Rather, I see many of you encouraging Melody in her sin. Wow. Just like the Corinthians? Shouldn't you expel the immoral sister?

Scripture says,"The wife's body does not belong to her alone but also to her husband. In the same way, the husband's body does not belong to him alone but also to his wife. Do not deprive each other except by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer." What is your counsel to Melody about this? Do you think she's keeping this command? (They live apart.) If not, then isn't she in sin?

Ignoring for now the two individuals involved and the issue of who's in sin, let's get back to my first concern, the bigger abomination. Christians are supposed to be of one mind. (Numerous citations. 1 Corinthians 1:10, for example.) So how is it that when God says "I hate divorce" (Malachi 2:16) but a divorce is in the works, regardless of who's to blame, how is it that I, and many of us are devastated and upset, but Melody, and at least one in your leadership, are ecstatic? (Melody was hugging her attorneys and even shook the hand of Greg's attorney. Whereas, at the first trial, she told Greg's attorney to take a flying leap.) Who has the mind of God here? Why the dichotomy? Why are some of us praying one way and some praying the exact opposite? To quote James about springs that flow both fresh and salt water, "My brothers, this should not be!"

I'm having trouble finding anything about the office of "music pastor" in the Bible, but if we allow this is a legitimate position and that he's an elder, would you say he is above reproach in his relationship with Melody? They sure spend a lot of time together. They appear married. Are they in love with each other? Or is Melody in love with him? (And I don't mean "agape" love.) I wonder what Mrs. Knight thinks of the time the Mister spends with Melody? Is this Holy? Applying the Golden Rule, how you would you like it if another man was plowing with your heifer? (Judges 14:18) Instead of having a man counsel another man's wife, I read in the Bible that "older women should train the younger to love their husbands and children." Is that what your music pastor is doing? Training Melody to love her husband?

There's great wisdom in God's command. By commanding women to instruct women, God has preemptively removed the temptation of a man becoming involved with another man's wife, per 2 Timothy 3:6. ("They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over weak-willed women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires...")

In addition to being of one mind and loving one another, another mark of a Christian is that we are to be impartial when we judge, not taking in juicy morsels of gossip (Proverbs 18:8), but diligently striving to investigate both sides of a report, checking for veracity, especially when sin is alleged.

Proverb 18:17: "The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am not seeing your church applying this principle here. It seems that no one in your fellowship, especially your church leadership, is interested in questioning the accuser (Melody) or letting the accused speak. (Greg.) There may be a sinister reason for that, per the enclosed news story about the infamous "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright and how he came by his wife. (It happens, and I see many unfortunate parallels as Greg has similarly tried to work with his "pastor," believing the man was there to help. Time will tell.)

For example, I hear that Melody is telling everyone that "My husband abandoned me." Is hers a true statement? I remember when Greg called me asking for counsel about moving out of his house. My recollection is that Melody has asked HIM to move out of the house. (But only "temporarily" was the plan?) Against my counsel, he acquiesced to her request. Shortly thereafter, she changed the locks. And then she got an (I say bogus) Order of Protection to keep him away. (Even Melody's attorney said in court that no one is alleging nor has alleged that Greg has physically abused Melody.) And, as I said before, Melody has been the protagonist in this matter, filing all the major court papers. How can she say her husband abandoned her when she is the one pushing him out?

And now, I suspect after the recent trial that she is telling everyone that her husband is divorcing her. Am I right? But I was there for the entire trial. On day one, Melody asked to have her maiden name back! I trust you know that names are important to God (Abram to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah) and that the reason married women take on their husband's last name is to reflect his headship and that she has come under his authority. By rejecting Greg's last name, Melody was first to ask for a de facto divorce.

Then, as Greg explained in court Friday, there is no such thing in God's law as "legal separation." That is man's law, a legal construct, an unholy contrivance of man. As Greg explained in court, you are either keeping your marriage vows before God or you are not. Since Melody stated she does not want to be reconciled, she has broken her marriage vow.

And those food stamps! Isn't it de facto gossip when Melody tells you all she is on food stamps? The implication is that, if she didn't say it outright, "my husband is starving me to death." Oh, come on!

First of all, if you all really believed Greg was starving Melody to death, then why didn't some Godly men go to Greg and - after investigating the facts for themselves - and confront Greg about his sin? (Greg tells me he has often paid over and above what the court told him to pay.)

Second, do you know that Melody was NOT vetted by the government to determine if she really qualified for Food Stamps? I saw the paperwork. (And you can see it to. Greg has it. It was part of the subpoenaed documents.) As per her practice, Melody filed for "Emergency Action" and the government issued her food stamps with an investigation pending later. How do you know Melody has been spending money wisely? How do you know she isn't a compulsive gambler? I'm not saying she is, but did anyone check where her money went? Could you have been conned? (This is the brilliance of God having older women counsel the younger. Older women don't fall for the crying shtick. Think Dr. Laura with women callers.)

Third, the Scripture says that you're not to support widows under 60 so as to not burden the church. While I suppose I'm glad you were all charitable and didn't have to take money from a missionary to help Melody, she is NOT a widow, she is not under 60, and she has a family who could have taken care of her. Again, you all should have gone to her husband first if you thought he was starving her and the children to death.

God says the husband is the head of the wife. (Ephesians 5:23) So I'm surprised you have only talked with Melody and have rejected her head. Isn't that a perversion of what God has ordained?

Golden Rule again: How would you like it if those in the church only listened to your wife's tales about you?

How do you know Melody is telling you the truth? Have you done any fact checking with Greg? How do you know she's not an adulteress? That is a common reason spouses divorce, you know, and we should consider the very real possibility.

Since I've never been married, this is out of my experience. But many of Greg's friends from around the country have suggested Melody has committed adultery, based on their life observations. They say the changes in Melody are classic.. Many believe they know who the man is. (It's "The Scarlet Letter" all over again.) Has anyone asked her? At the very least, it seems she's committing "spiritual" adultery, taking on another man as her spiritual head in an unholy union. Has anyone asked her if anything happened on her $2000 binge alone at that Scottsdale Resort?

Forgive me for being stupid. I've never been to Seminary. But I can't find anything in Scripture about overseers in a church interloping in someone's marriage. Nor can I find anything in the Bible about "marriage counseling," not to mention anything about elders passing notes between husband and wife. Wouldn't it be better if, instead of playing "High School," you commanded Melody to simply talk to her husband? (She already leaves him voice messages on his cell phone (under the guise of leaving a message for one of the children), so she demonstrates she is willing to "talk" to him when it's convenient for her.) Unfortunately this has now degenerated to the point that even your secretary is involved in passing notes. How do you ever expect Melody to be reconciled by passing notes through you? Would YOU want someone passing notes to you from your bride? Is chief note passer in your job description? About the only good I can see from the note passing is that it gives you an opportunity to see who loves the children and who is using them as pawns.

What I do find in Scripture about marriage is that "... a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh." That's ironic because Melody reminded me of this fact over the family dinner table in happier times. Do you think Greg and Melody are one flesh? Is she abiding by that command?

She also told me, in that context, that husband and wife weren't to have secrets from each other. Do you think she's abiding by that? Have you asked Greg if he knows everything (or anything) that's going on in her life or the life of the children? I, personally, have seen the raw data where Melody has redacted data, keeping things secret about her and the children.

Further, what I find in Scripture about marriage is "Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her." (I trust you know that doesn't mean, "husbands, do whatever your wives say," any more than Jesus should do whatever the church tells Him to do. The husband is the head of the wife just as Christ is the head of the church.) In Greg's case, he said in court that he has gone $200,000 into debt to appease his wife, to get the issue of money off the table, since she said money was in the way of reconciliation. Doesn't that demonstrate love / sacrifice on Greg's part? (I think Melody was lying and never intended to be reconciled. But you need to get the data for yourself to decide.)

I also find this command about marriage: "Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything."

Chris, do you think Melody is submitting to her husband ... in anything? Isn't she in sin? Have you rebuked her?

Did you know Melody was found in contempt of court? But we're supposed to "submit to the governing authorities." (Romans 13:1) Did anyone in your fellowship rebuke Melody for this sin?


Oh yeah, the secular 1%. When Melody changed a year and a half ago, almost without exception, everyone who knew her and heard the story, myself included, speculated that she might have a "chemical imbalance." That's the phrase that was almost exclusively used independently by everyone. Think Andrea Yates. That name came up more than once. Further, Greg reports that during the Andrea Yates trial, Melody didn't ascribe any evil to Mrs. Yates, but rather thought her husband drove her to it. That's scary.

I've already told you how drastically Melody was affected by hormones during pregnancy. My concern is that she is mentally unstable and could go "Postal." Greg has told me that even Josh saw she is unstable and was worried that she might take her life. I'm more worried she might take the life of others.

You didn't see her in court previously when she revealed that she had moved out of the house without telling Greg. (Thus forcing the children to deceive their father, as he would drop them off at the house, they would go in, acting as though they were home. They would sit and wait in an empty house until Melody or Diane picked them up later.) She claimed in court that she was afraid of Greg, because she had stopped homeschooling the children and enrolled them into your school. (This was before any court order giving her permission to do that. I would be curious to know your policy about enrolling children in your school when parents are not in agreement.) She thought he would be upset and come after her.

She has since changed her story (i.e., is lying) and now says she moved because the house was about to go into foreclosure. But the facts are in the transcript for anyone to see.

My thought during the trial was "this lady is paranoid delusional." Greg's attorney, while not a psychologist either, has 35 years of experience with all kinds of people. He has deposed murders. After deposing Melody, he told me he thinks Melody has a "narcissistic personality disorder." (You've seen the Vanity License Plate on her car?)

I suspect that it is not by coincidence, but rather by design that Melody is working in the school. (Ask Greg about the implications as to parent-teacher conferences.) Whatever the reasons, I don't think it's prudent that she should be there in her mental condition. Certainly she should not around children, who are less able to defend themselves if she should go into a fit of rage. And I've talked first hand with some who have experienced her unprovoked fits of rage.

But if Melody should go Postal, if after, for example, being challenged by Christians or after being spurned by a lover there, and ends up murdering a bunch of people, including children, I expect many of your members will take you to court. Should that happen, I will be compelled by Leviticus 5:1 to contact their attorneys telling them I had warned you of the danger. So let this letter serve as notice of my concern that, based on my observation and the observations of disparate others, Melody Bodine, your employee, appears mentally unstable, has demonstrated fits of uncontrollable rage and therefore, may be a potential danger to the lives of others around her.


How can those who claim Christ can be on totally opposite sides of a black and white sin issue? Clearly, at least one of us is in sin. Given the facts, I don't think it's me.

Feel free to call me if you wish to discuss any of this, although I suggest your time is better spent talking to Greg directly. He has much of the raw data and it would be better talking to the source than to me. Perhaps you can spend an overnight at his house and you can get to know him, or at least his side of the story, better.

I pray that, like the Levites, you are on the Lord's side. And act accordingly.

P.S. I've included a CD with an mp3 audio clip from Rush Limbaugh to give you some insight into what often happens in divorces and why you have to be very careful as you gather data from the children. This was when Alec Baldwin, the actor, made news when he left a telephone rant to his daughter about two years ago.

Could what Rush described be happening here?

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