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Saturday, December 24, 2011


So, Mary Hamm hasn't asked our blogger, but here's what it would take to stop our blogger's lawsuit against her. (The suit in presently before the Ninth Circuit on procedural grounds. Should be resuming in February or so.)

Our blogger wrote to a leader in Mary Hamm's church. (Mary Hamm says she's not Mormon. That's hard to believe since she's a BYU grad. It's more likely that she is playing Bill Clinton word games. Mormons are told by their leadership that they are not "Mormons," but rather, they are "Latter-day Saints." Whatever. It will come out in discovery.}

The following list is based on the Mormon official church publication "Gospel Principles." While our blogger does not believe in that publication, since Mary Hamm presumably does, and since some of the points are Biblical, our blogger offers Mary Hamm a chance to repent.

Here is what our blogger wrote:
Therefore, since your sister sinned against me, among other things she needs to:
  • Recognize her Sins. She must be confronted with her sins and stop trying to cover this whole matter up. Really, her Recommend should be revoked until she has asked—and I have forgiven—her sins against me. But her worthiness is for you all to decide.

  • She must feel sorrow for her Sins. She must immediately resign as a judge, just as we expected Judge Hinson to do for his sins. [That's not as harsh for her as it sounds. She was making $100/hr as a pro tem judge before my trial. Your church has an excellent social program. (Which, frankly, puts my brothers to shame.) I'm sure if she's ever in need, your brothers and sisters will take care of her.]

  • But before she resigns, she needs to correct the court record, as below.

  • She must forsake her Sins. Well, that one is between God and her. But she can never be a judge again, to keep her from being tempted. She wasn't going to run after this term anyway.

  • She must confess her sins. She needs to personally apologize to me and to the court. Before she resigns as judge, she needs to make a public entry in the court record telling what she did, that she erred and that she had no evidence to sustain an Injunction against me. She needs to sign a letter I can publish, where she apologizes for slandering (and subsequently libeling) me in court so I can somewhat exonerate my name. (She said I was "frightening" given what I
    believe about the First Amendment. Kinda ironic in light of your Elder Oaks' speech "Apostle Says Religious Freedom Is Being Threatened" during the October 2009 General Conference.)

  • She must make Restitution. As with Harold Fish, there's nothing Judge Hamm can do to clear my good name. My reputation has been permanently scarred from her farce trial against me. But she can make some financial restitution by making a payment to the charity of my choice equal to my costs in time, emotional distress and direct expense in fighting and appealing her sinful ruling.
Judge Arthur Markham, who our blogger doesn't believe is Mormon, likewise must confess his sin for covering up sister Hamm's fraud. ("Un-recusing" himself to deny a Rule 60(c) Motion to dismiss for fraud.)

Our blogger is asking for $100,000 to be directed to a charity of his choice. There's only a week before the end of the tax year. If you act now, you can write off the payment as a tax deduction.

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