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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Doncha just hate it when you lose a case only to find case law afterward that proves you were exactly right?

The case is LaFaro v. Cahill (App. Div.1 2002) 203 Ariz. 482, 56 P.3d 56.)

It's from the Arizona Court of Appeals. (We are becoming fans of Judge Timmer.)

It is so on point for most bogus petitions for Injunctions against Harassment that you should print it out and take it to court with you. Maybe even pre-file it with a judge somehow to educate him/her on the law.

(But that assumes you have an honest, albeit ignorant, judge who doesn't know the law. Having the law on your side won't change anything if you have a cheating judge, like Judge Mary Hamm.)

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